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An open letter to linkedin about their new CAPTCHAs.

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Why do I have to pass a CAPTCHA test after I log in to my account with my exceptionally strong password? This is bullshit. I don’t feel like squinting to figure this crap out. Nobody else on planet earth is insane enough to do this nonsense and you guys need to cut it out. Not even my bank, you know the thing that controls, like, all my money and stuff, makes me do stupid shit like this. You guys are a 2nd rate social networking platform. Do you really think the junk in my linkedin account is more important than my finances??? Reality check time, people.

Not to mention that I use keypass and never use the same password on two different sites. The risk is extremely low without your unwanted roadblocks. In fact if you can figure out my password, go ahead and knock yourself out. Update my profile to say I’m a professor of scatology at UC Berkeley and that my hobbies include raping kittens. I don’t care because there is nothing of value within my linkedin account. Keep going the way you’re going and there will be nothing of value in any linkedin account.

Written by Carter Shanklin

August 25th, 2010 at 4:56 am

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