BMW X2 – the small Suv-coupe

BMW rebuilds the x palette the First step is the new product X2 from the Munich brand. We could take a closer look at this during a static presentation.

BMW logo on the back post? This was the first thing that caught my eye during the premiere meeting with the new small SUV. Until now, only the E9 model was allowed, that is, the real coupe, the predecessor of the first “six”, which in 1968-75 was produced in the markets of Europe and America. It was an original two-door beauty with filigree columns on the roof. And now they say “coupe” on an SUV. However, even supporters of young people can kill the heart brighter when the X2 first appears in BMW showrooms in March. And even though we haven’t driven this car yet, we’ve seen it, we’ve stood next to it, we’ve sat in it, we’ve touched it. In short: we know what we’re talking about.

BMW X2 – more beautiful twin brother
Let’s start with the basics. The platform has the designation UKL2 (from “Untere Klasse” – lower class) and is always associated with a front or all-wheel drive, a four-cylinder engine located in the transverse direction, or a three-cylinder petrol engine as the base. , The Mini Countryman and Clubman, Series 2: Active Tourer and mini bomb Gran Tourer, and the x1 SUV are already built on it. And it is the latter that is the real brother of the new SUV, even if they do not have an identical body part. Everything is in order except for the door handles. In addition, everything is new!

The BMW X1 is 4.44 m long, the X2 is 8 cm shorter: 4.36 m. So narrow in the cabin? Not necessarily the Wheelbase of both cars is 2.67 m. We install a 180 cm driver’s seat, a person with the same height in the back is slightly worse than the X1. There’s the same amount of legroom, but it’s limited in height. X2 is 7 cm lower than its brother X1, which looks very good from the outside, especially when combined with narrow Windows. However, when you sit on the back of the sofa, you find that someone who wants to be beautiful must suffer! Well, if it wasn’t for the fact that no one in the backseat was 190 cm tall because their head was tilted to the ceiling. But is an SUV with the patronymic “coupe” really practical? Not follow. That’s why the X2 also has a smaller trunk than the X1. For the new model, it is from 470 to 1355 liters and the X1 – from 505 to 1550 liters, which is 195 more liters after folding the couch, and yet X1 is not a giant.

BMW X2-beautiful, but not practical
Fortunately, we are not accountants here, we are fans of beautiful cars (almost all of them are beautiful!). Therefore, it is necessary to note three more features of the BMW X2. First of all: the kidney-shaped air intake expands downwards, which adds to the car’s massiveness. Second: we are watching the X2 M Sport, which has large air intakes in the front and a roof spoiler in the back. Third: the cab was taken over from the X1 (cars have almost the same width). In X2, the multimedia system is the last level of complexity – you can control it either by using the dial or by tapping, for example, by zooming in on the navigation map.

BMW X2-only for the rich
Because at the end we always ask about the price, this time we ask it earlier because the list of options is very long and the numbers are large. Less car, more money – it’s not just like that in BMW. Thus, X2 is worth several thousand zlotys more than the comparable X1. This means that for the X2 20d with a 192 HP petrol engine, you will have to pay 164,100 zlotys. Both powerful diesel engines have all-wheel drive xDrive, 20d with 190 HP costs 182,300 zlotys, and 25d (231 HP) costs 186,700 zlotys – in this case, the price is the same as the purchase price of the X1. For the M Sport X model with a sports kit: m suspension, seats and body kit must be paid 27,000 zlotys, for Galvanic Gold-3089 zlotys and for 20-inch wheels-3805 zlotys. A BMW X2 20d configured here costs 216,000 zlotys. There is something to save in the new year.

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