Mercedes 190D 2.5 reliable friend

Baby Benz is not as valued in Poland as its younger and older brother W124, but thanks to this you can become the owner of a young teenager for little money, who is suitable for everyday driving like no other.
Mercedes 190D 2.5

Due to the size and only one version of the body, the Mercedes 190 is not as valued in Poland as the W124. However, from the point of view of the collector, the car has a huge, not fully disclosed potential – after all, this model took Mercedes in the 1980s to a completely different dimension and launched a new stylistic line from the brand of Stuttgart. (more…)

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The only Ferrari 348

The Ferrari 348 with serial number 004 returned to its former glory. They were put in perfect condition by a Polish company
Феррари 348 Serial Special

The Italian classic is characterized by a beautiful body line created by the famous Pininfarina Studio, featuring distinctive air intakes on the sides and retractable front lights that were a fashion cry at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s. The 348 quickly became known as the”little Testarossa”. You can’t take your eyes off the red Ferrari in this condition. (more…)

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Mercedes W123 240D-reliable car

You say “diesel in a barrel”, you think “millions of kilometers have passed without serious engine problems”. And there is nothing to brag about!
Mercedes W123 240D-reliable car

In the 90s, the Mercedes W123 was a permanent image on our streets, today it is a real rarity someone doesn’t like diesel and likes cars with better performance, the solution is 230 E petrol with 136 HP.In the early years of production, the waiting time for the car was very long (more…)

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Ford Mustang GT 4.6

The fourth-generation Mustang Ford not only referenced the original many years ago but also offered something more. And to think that this car was not originally intended for

The 4th-generation Mustang referred to the style that operated at the beginning of the American sports coupe
This model is an opportunity for drivers who dream of a real American car but do not want to spend a lot of money on it.
Anyone who has dreamed of a Mustang should be interested in the fourth generation, despite the fact that the car is not too valued by the most persistent fans of this model.
Ford without a Mustang? It’s like Bonnie without Clyde, Flip without Flip, or Bolek without Lolek. Meanwhile, in the history of the American model, there was a moment when they thought about stopping the production of this iconic car. Fortunately, this did not happen, or it would not have happened … this material. And Yes, many years later, we were able to ride the fourth-generation Mustang again, once again check its advantages and disadvantages, and, above all, find out what fun it brings while driving. (more…)

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Lotus Elite II Type 75-arrived to the classics

This slogan was declared Elite II in 1974. Back then, British shooting was more expensive than a Mercedes SL 450 convertible. Today it is much cheaper, but also much rarer!
Lotus Elite II Type 75

Lotus Elite is happy to communicate with the car from the workshop. The idea for the Elite was simple: assemble a lightweight body and equip it with an oversized engine. According to CEPiK, we do not have a registered Elite II.

Colin Chapman was not only a great engineer who combined his knowledge of automotive engineering and aerodynamics. He was also a true visionary. He knew that the super sports cars that HYS company is famous for the fact that it will be difficult to keep in the future. (more…)

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