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Skoda Vision X is a concept announcing a model that will appear next year. The car surprises not only with its design but also with the drive technology used
Skoda vision

Looking into the not too distant future, the Skoda Vision X uses three types of energy: gas (CNG), gas, and 29 HP. The drive technology used in the Vision X contributes to extremely low CO2 emissions. Production of a production car based on this concept is expected in the second half of 2019.
Skoda is planning to release another SUV. In addition to Karoq and Kodiaq, the new model will appear in 2019. It should be a car the size of a Volkswagen T-Roc. A preview of this car was the Vision X, presented at the Geneva show.
Skoda Vision 2020

Skoda Vision X-modern and off-road style
The car, which can be admired in Switzerland, looks futuristic. From the outside, this is not only due to the efficient headlights or the unusual shape of the taillights but also to the diffusers at the front and back. First of all, a powerful back makes an impression. Of course, the body is also not devoid of typical SUV features. This is not only increased ground clearance but also plastic overlays on the wheel arches. However, there is no need to deceive yourself that this will be a production-grade. There was also a wind of modernity in the interior. Electronic indicators or characteristic bucket seats are elements that we would like to have in a production car. However, Skoda went even further, because behind the front seats in a special handle placed a drone and two skateboards. It is clear that the company offering this model is thinking primarily about young customers. In terms of size, the Skoda Vision X is slightly longer (4250 mm) and wider (1807 mm) than the group siblings in the form of the VW T-Roc and Seat Arona. The wheelbase is also 2645 mm larger. Compared to VW, this means an increase of 55 mm and compared to the seat – 80 mm. At the same time, the Skoda concept is slightly lower (1537 mm). These dimensions mean that you can expect more capacity in the Skoda Vision X than in the sibling group. Thanks to this, families can also think about traveling with this model. Looking into the not too distant future.

Skoda Vision X uses three types of energy sources: gas (CNG), gasoline, and 29 HP. the Classic internal combustion engine is located under the hood, and the electric motor runs on the rear axle. Thanks to this solution, all-wheel drive was achieved without the need for a driveshaft connecting the internal combustion engine to the rear axle. This simplified the design of the car, and most importantly-reduced its weight and allowed you to get a better space and a more spacious trunk. At the rear of the car, there are two additional natural gas tanks that can feed the internal combustion engine. the 1.5-liter TGI petrol engine has 130 HP and 250 Nm. During braking and driving, the batteries are charged freely. The combined mileage using gaseous fuel and gasoline is 650 km. The electric (hybrid) combustion system accelerates the Skoda Vision X to “hundreds” in 9.3 seconds and a top speed of 200 km / h.the driving Technology used in the Skoda Vision X contributes to extremely low CO2 emissions. It has a value of just 89 g / km. Torque is transmitted to the wheels via a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.
Skoda vision X

Skoda Vision X is not a far-sighted view.
Even if the Skoda Vision X does not go on sale in form, it is still an unambiguous announcement of the direction in which the body and interior design, as well as the technique of subsequent models of the Czech brand, will go. It is expected that the production car, which will be based on this concept, will appear in the second half of 2019.

Skoda premiere, in our opinion
Skoda is primarily associated as a manufacturer of practical cars for the average driver. Vision X is a small SUV that will appeal primarily to young and sincere drivers. This car not only impresses with its appearance but also sets trends. Let the production car retain as many features of the concept as possible.

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