Main problems with the BMW 3 series
BMW 3 series

Like any other car, the BMW 3 Series can have its own problems. If you are thinking of buying a new or used 3-series, it is important to know. Electrical problems. One of the most common electrical problems with the BMW 3 series is with the battery. This is due to the fact that the positive connector of the battery cable and the corresponding terminal on the fuse box may eventually collapse or corrode.

This may result in a loss of power to the vehicle, which may cause the vehicle to stop or become inoperable. Other electrical problems include cases where the key does not turn in the ignition and the dashboard lights up the steering lock symbol. This is probably due to a faulty steering column or computer problems.

Problems with the engine

The Turbocharged 3 series has many engine problems, especially with the fuel pumps. This will cause the engine to stop, rough idling, uneven operation, and prolonged engine start-up. Also, a problem is a system of changing the gas distribution phases. This is because the sensors connected to the gas distribution system can get dirty and clogged, which will lead to the car switching to “soft mode”.

Problems with the rattle

Owners of the BMW 3 series reported a lot of noise and vibration coming from the car’s engine. Although the sources of these noises do not have a common source, they are usually found in the engine. Inspect the vehicle to find the source.

Tire problems
BMW 3 series

It is known that in General, BMWs use expensive and inconvenient tires with mileage that quickly wear out. Always check the tires on the 3 series you are interested in and, if necessary, allocate part of the budget for new tires.

Before buying the 3-series, it is important to fully inspect the car that you are interested in buying. Also, keep up to date with any maintenance bulletins and make sure that all maintenance bulletins have been completed for the car you want to purchase.

Common BMW 3 series repair problems
BMW 3 series

BMW repair is one of our specializations at Perfection Auto Works. We see a lot of BMWs, so it’s almost second nature when it comes to diagnosing problems that can occur with different models. Today we will talk about the BMW 3 series.

The 3 series is the most popular model from BMW. It combines the advantages of a premium car with excellent driving dynamics. As with any car, there are some common things that are worth paying attention to. These include minor engine problems, cooling system problems, and the electrical system may be acting. Problems with the cooling system, in particular, require attention, because, without a fully functional cooling system, the engine can overheat, which will lead to very expensive repairs. We live in Tucson, so it’s important to keep an eye on it.  If you are thinking of buying a used BMW from a private person, before you agree on the price, coordinate the verification between us and the current owner.

Problems with the 3 series engine

Until recently, most BMW 3 series cars were produced with a 3.0-liter inline 6-cylinder engine. For the most part, they are workhorses who do not face many problems. In my opinion, this is the best part of the car. Newer models use turbocharged 4-and 6-cylinder engines to meet fuel economy requirements. No matter what engine your car has, we can help you with BMW repairs from oil changes to more serious problems.

Regular maintenance to replace gaskets on the oil pan and manifold can prevent oil leakage. The timing belt or chain (depending on the model) may also require maintenance if you run about 100 km.While not directly part of the engine, we also consider failures of fuel pumps and fuel injectors as common problems. Our fuel injector service can extend the service life of your injectors.

Series 3 cooling system problems
BMW 3 series

The cooling system is probably the most vulnerable set of components in your BMW. Common problems include coolant leaks and water pumps that stop working. Every 30 km, the water pump, thermostat, and thermostat housing must be replaced. The consequences of engine overheating can lead to repair of the blockhead gasket or replacement of the cylinder head. Two things you definitely don’t want to happen.

Of course, being in the Tucson desert, checking the hoses twice a year is a good thing. We recommend a complete replacement after 10 years or 100,000 Miles, even if they look good from the outside. A broken hose will stop your car from moving.

3 series of electrical problems
BMW 3 series

Problems with BMW’s electrical system are another familiar problem. The technology in these cars requires multiple control modules and electronic devices. Just like your home computer or mobile phone, your car’s computers can give out “malfunctions”. We have the right tools to read your car’s computer codes to make the right repairs.

We love BMWs and own a few of them here in the store because they are great in many ways. Good maintenance practices and timely fishing are the best way to extend the life of a car.

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