Mazda 3 with a new petrol engine

Stylistically, the next edition of the compact Mazda should be based on the Kai Concept model, in turn, under the hood will be a revolutionary self-ignition of gasoline
Mazda 3 with a new petrol engine

In early 2019, Mazda finally wants to launch the first compression-ignition gasoline engine. However, spark plugs will still be used in this engine. They should be used to ignite the mixture only after starting the engine and at full load. At partial load, the depleted mixture ignites due to high compression. Mazda promises 30% less combustion and less soot, so you can do without a soot filter.
Mazda 3 with a new petrol engine

We have already seen (for test purposes, the engine was installed in the current Mazda 3) that the unit does not have any diesel defect in the form of a typical rumble. The 2-liter engine with a compressor produces about 190 HP. when accelerating, it is felt that the high torque contributes to the flexibility of the unit. The engine will be used in the new Mazda 3. Its design is based on the Kai Concepta, presented at an exhibition in Tokyo in 2017. Our visualization shows that this will be a car with more rounded shapes than before. There is more sport spirit in the design.

Mazda 3
Number of seats 5
Length × width × height (us specification) sedan: 4662 mm × 1797 mm × 1445 mm; hatchback: 4459 mm × 1797 mm × 1440 mm
Wheelbase 2725 mm
Engines: SkyActiv-G 1.5; SkyActiv-G 2.0; SkyActiv-G 2.5; SkyActiv-D 1.8; SkyActiv-X 2.0
Transmission: 6-speed manual transmission; 6-speed automatic; front or all-wheel drive
Independent front suspension with McPherson struts
The rear suspension is semi-independent, with a torsion beam
Rack-and-pinion power steering
Front/rear disc brakes, vented/disc brakes
Tires 205/60 R16, 215/45 R18.

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