Mercedes X 250 d

Mercedes X-Class-more refined and more expensive Navara. But does he deserve to wear a three-pointed star?
Mercedes X 250

If Navara is a slice of coarse bread with smoked salmon, then Class X adds some cottage cheese, some caviar, a pinch of red pepper, and fresh chives. Served on a designer plate and with lemon for flavor. Of course, not for free. While a top-end Nissan pickup costs about $ 100,000. 170,000 PLN Gross, the test copy X 250 d was configured for almost 90,000 PLN more. Is it that much better?

The technical base is the same and Mercedes couldn’t have chosen a better one: a 190-horsepower double-supercharged 2.3 dCi engine, a 7-speed gearbox, and suspension with screw Springs. Already Navara has been praised for being very civilized, good for a pickup truck, and for being able to travel on the highway without much fuss. Mercedes, thanks to a different set of components, drive a little more comfortably and has an even more muted cabin.

At 140 km/h, there is no noise from the air flowing, and the engine spins at 2600 rpm.min. The unit is flexible and works well with the gearbox, which is easily forced down by the gas pedal. This does not mean, however, that the “X” drives like a Mercedes-Benz SUV or even an “agenda.” The steering is lazy, and the car on uneven ground is still feeling the bounce.

In the Power version, the interior also impresses with trim. The upper part of the dashboard was finished with artificial leather, soft inserts were also found on the sides of the doors, and stylish grilles and an elaborate COMAND Online multimedia system were taken straight from the Mercedes-Benz. Demanding £ 1424 surcharge, the matte board from afar may pretend to be a rustic oak, but in reality, it is an “exotic plastic”. There are also elements from Nissan here and there, but far more annoying is the smaller number of compartments than in Navara.

The snowfall made it impossible for us to measure acceleration and braking, we only checked the burn and mass. Weighing 2,275 kg X 250 d, it consumed more on our route than the Navara (9.7 l vs. 9.2 l/100 km) and – like the Navara – the onboard computer understates the actual burn by approx. 10%.

X-Class terrain skills are good. The frame structure, attached 4×4 drive, reduction gearbox, and optional rear bridge lock and suspension increase (up to 22 cm of ground clearance) already guarantee the readiness for roadless travel.

 Class-we like it
Equipment as in a passenger car, quiet cabin, good comfort for a pickup truck.

Class-we don’t like it
High price, few cabin compartments, shorter warranty than the Nissan.

Class-in our view
The Mercedes X-Class is the most comfortable and luxurious pickup in Europe and rightly wears a star on the grill. On a smooth, straight road you can even forget for a moment its useful purpose. However, the nobler finish and more sophisticated elements of technology and electronics do not justify such a large price difference to Navara.

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