Toyota Land Cruiser-a legend in the desert

Toyota is known for its reliability, and Land Cruiser is also known for its exceptional off-road performance. In the Namibia desert, we tested the off-road capabilities of the newly updated model.
Toyota Land Cruiser-a legend in the desert

Toyota Land Cruiser-Africa-the perfect place to travel 4×4 dirty sand, sharp rocks, deep beards, or steep hills of Namibia could not stop the Land Cruiser This Toyota model has been produced since 1951 and is currently sold in 195 countries. Namibia is recognized by off-road enthusiasts as one of the best and most diverse areas in the world. Extensive national parks, beaches with debris, endless deserts, swampy areas, steep and at the same time rocky ascents and descents contribute to trips in 4×4 cars. In such natural conditions, we spent three days driving the updated legendary Land Cruiser. The Toyota model, known for its excellent off-road performance, has been produced since 1951 and is currently sold in 195 countries. Last fall, a car with the “150” model designation (on the market since 2010) underwent a second facelift.

Changes outside and in motion
Toyota Land Cruiser 2020

In addition to changes to the exterior, significant upgrades were made to the interior, as well as to the control of the drive system on both axles. Special attention is drawn to the new front part of the car, where they appeared: a mask with a characteristic gutter in the middle and a more expressive grille and bumper – elements modeled on the V8. the Headlights, daytime running lights, and taillights are made using led technology. The interior was enriched with front seat ventilation, a new steering wheel, and a dashboard with a lowered top edge. In the center of the cab is a large 8-inch multimedia touch screen showing images from 360-degree cameras and features useful in the field, including the angle of the car body. The handles for servicing the drives and the crawling control system are also new (automatically adjusts the speed of the car on descents and slopes). In turn, Multi-Terrain Select, another system responsible for traction, received the Auto function, which automatically adjusts the operating modes of ABS and ESP depending on the surface condition. SUV fans will also be happy that the Land Cruiser got a high-friction rear differential (LSD) during the facelift.

Electronics can work wonders

Equipped with the latest technical solutions, we went to explore Namibia. Since asphalt roads are rare here, we quickly appreciated Toyota’s off-road qualities. Despite the factory (“asphalt”) tires, the car boldly makes its way through the muddy Desert Sands. All I had to do was lower the tire pressure. On steep ascents, we were afraid that the 177 HP turbo diesel (a new unit in the LC since 2015) would simply be too weak for a car weighing almost 3 tons. However, in these conditions, the amount of horsepower was not taken into account so much as the value and presence of the maximum torque (450 Nm with the “automatic” at 1600 rpm). The Land Cruiser was unexpectedly free to climb steep slopes, in which the aforementioned Crawl Control system was significantly assisted by less experienced drivers. When this was used, the lecturer only turned the steering wheel. Electronics was involved in the selection of the power and control of the brakes.

Mud, sand, and rocks

One section of the expedition ran along a swampy riverbed. The column, consisting of several cars, quickly worsened the traffic conditions on the muddy terrain. Powerful ruts or deep beards, and this time they couldn’t stop our Toyota. When the road changed from muddy to stony, we estimated the body’s stiffness and 215 mm of ground clearance. There were scratches on the steps, but no serious damage to the landing gear. Moving for several hours a day off-road in the heat and dust, we were satisfied with the efficiency of air conditioning and the comfort of the air suspension. In Namibia, we had the opportunity to see different faces of the desert, but we also confirmed the legendary bravery of the Land Cruiser landscape.

engine: diesel R4 / 16
capacity 2755 cm3
power 177 HP at 3400 pm
Torque, max. 420 (450) Nm / 1400 (1600) rpm
drive 4×4 / person. 6 (auth. 6)
L / W / H 4840/1830/1855 mm
combustion 7.4 l / 100 km
highway 621 years
V max 175 km / h
0-100 km / h 12.1 (12.7) p.
gap 215 mm
PRICE from 189,000 zlotys

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