The only Ferrari 348

The Ferrari 348 with serial number 004 returned to its former glory. They were put in perfect condition by a Polish company
Феррари 348 Serial Special

The Italian classic is characterized by a beautiful body line created by the famous Pininfarina Studio, featuring distinctive air intakes on the sides and retractable front lights that were a fashion cry at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s. The 348 quickly became known as the”little Testarossa”. You can’t take your eyes off the red Ferrari in this condition.

The complete reconstruction of the car was carried out by the hands of father and son-Andrzej and Piotr Dziurka, owners of ALDA Motorsport. It all started with the exact disassembly of the car and the selection of disassembled parts – so that you could leave as many elements as possible in the original or undamaged state.
The only Ferrari 348

The renovation process itself started with removing old paintwork from the car body and protecting it with appropriate primers. Then it was time for Polish. Mechanical elements were also subjected to many processes: cleaning, washing, sanding, sanding, polishing, and updating of lacquer, electroplating, and chrome coatings. The interior of the car has been completely renovated.

The name Ferrari 348 comes from the engine used in this model. The number ” 34 ” means the capacity of 3.4 liters, and “8” means the number of cylinders. The V8 engine produces 300 HP and operates with an unusual gearbox located just behind it. In a five-speed gearshift, the standard H system switches to one. Placing “two” and “three” in a straight line was supposed to reduce the switching time of the most frequently used gears.

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